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MultiPurpose Epoxy Enamel
MULTIPOX is made from high quality epoxy resin with excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and is specially designed for top coat over various substrates.

  1. Clean Room
  2. Hygienic Room
  3. Class Room
  4. Kitchen
  5. Laboratory
  6. Production Room
  7. Swimming Pool, Fountain
  1. 2 (two) Component high build Epoxy Resin
  2. Resistant to household chemicals
  3. Excellent Adhesion
  4. Excellent resistance to abrasion
  5. 12 choice of decorative color in addition to clear

  1. Lower maintenance cost
  2. Easy to clean and sterilized
  3. Seamless and hygienic finish
  4. Fungi resistant
  5. Difficult to peel off

Application Procedure on Metal Substrates
  • Clean metal surface with wire brush or appropriate method from rust and other contaminants
  • For a maximum corrosion protection, it is recommended to apply anti corrosion primer coat (METALKOTE EDP-551 Zinc Chromate or Zinc Phospate), and allow 12-24 hours to dry.
  • After anti corrosion primer coat is dry, mix MULTIPOX as a set thoroughly according to the instruction until the color is uniform and then apply by brush, roller or spray. Do this step 1-2 times.
  • For a better result, apply one more layer as top coat by spray method (for large area use airless spray).

Application Procedure on Non Metal Substrates
  • Clean the surface on substrate by sand paper or by cloth.
  • Apply first coat of MULTIPOX as recommended mixing ratio by brush, roller or spray and allow to dry. Do this step 1-2 times.
  • For a better result apply one more as top coat by spray method (for large area, use airless spray).

Product Data MULTIPOX MX-99
Type Two component polyamide cured epoxy enamel
Color As shown in the color card
Finish Glossy
 Solid by volume (mixture) 60.00%
Spesific gravity (mixture) 1.2 gr/ml
Theoretical coverage 5.0 m2 /ltset (DFT = 100m)
Drying time - Dust Free = 30 minutes (30°C)
- Touch Free = 4 hours (30°C)
- Hard Dry = 10 hours (30°C)
Flash Point 21°C
Recoating Interval 6-24 hours (30°C)
Pot life 5 hours (30°C)
Packaging 1 ltset (included thinner)
Storage stability One year if stored cool and dry and in original not opened cans (do not store below freezing point)

Notes :
  • For concrete, it is recommended use MULTIPOX clear as primer coat.
  • It the surface to be coated is uneven and covered with crates, mix POLYFLOOR Epoxy Primer PFP-211 add with Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3) to be used as an Epoxy Filler.
  • Epoxy Thinner for dilution if needed.

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