PT Propan Raya is a 100% native Indonesian paint company that has a vision to be the most innovative company in producing world-quality paint and building materials. Founded in 1979 by Dr. Hendra Adidarma, a chemist who graduated from Germany, PT Propan Raya continues to innovate to be better in producing innovative and world-quality paints according to market needs.

Known as a national paint company that has technology and “knowhow” developed by the nation’s children, PT Propan Raya has a number of chemists, namely chemistry graduates from domestic universities who are experienced in the paint field and have international insight. Through their hands, various superior paint products of PT Propan Raya continue to be born and developed.

Starting from the production of wood and rattan paint (wood and rattan finishing system), PT Propan Raya has now produced wall paint, metal protective coating, floor paint (polymer flooring), anti-rust paint, anti-corrosion paint. leak (waterproofing), marine paint (marine paint), aerosol paint, and car paint (car refinish paint). These various paint products are ready to meet market needs and support the progress of Indonesia’s infrastructure. It should be underlined that Propan paint products have a high Total Domestic Content (TKDN) and have been certified by the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) and the Indonesian Green Label (GLI).

The development of PT Propan Raya’s business has made Propan’s business network everywhere. By 2020, PT Propan Raya has 41 branch offices, 18 Propan Service Centers (PSC), and 5 Propan Inspiration Centers (PIC) spread throughout Indonesia. In addition, Propan paint products have also penetrated overseas, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Maldives, and other countries. Especially in Vietnam, PT Propan Raya already has its own office and factory.

Judging from market segmentation, PT Propan Raya is grouped into 3, covering retail, project, and industrial markets. For the retail segment, PT Propan Raya has 19,381 stores spread throughout Indonesia. The project segment is divided into several types, namely high rise building, residential / housing, industry, and infrastructure. Then the industrial segment is divided into several types, namely the furniture industry, metal industry, plastic industry, marine industry, and automotive industry.

This success is inseparable from commitment, hard work, a solid team, and continuous innovation, which PT Propan Raya continues to do. Supported by the Rapid Production System (RPS) technology from the Propan Dekorindo Raya factory which was inaugurated in 2017, various environmentally friendly paint innovations continue to be produced. This RPS technology from Germany is the only one in Asia.

In accordance with its mission, PT Propan Raya will continue to be committed to:

  • Providing high value added paint that is a solution for customers.
  • Build mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Developing people to be “knowledgeable, creative and innovative”.
  • Developing environmentally friendly water-based paints.
  • Supporting the Indonesian government in infrastructure development
    with the production of the work of the nation’s children of high quality.

The vision, mission, technology, knowhow, and quality mindset, as well as the latest production technology owned by PT Propan Raya are the drivers or impetus for employees to continue to innovate and work to support development in Indonesia with innovative and world-quality paint products.