IMPRA BOND IBW-630 is a water based adhesive that shows out standing initial tack with excellent bonding strength, good flow, and easy to use. Suitable for any types of wood and most interior application such as furniture, handicrafts, printing industry and plamur on the wall

Advantages :

  • Good adhesion
  • Clearer Resin
  • The appropriate level of consistency
  • Netto guaranted

Packaging : 0.35 kg, 0.7 kg and 10 kg

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Application Procedures :

To bonding the two equal parts

  1. Apply IMPRA BOND IBW-630 with a thin layer and evenly on one surface
  2. Stick the two half and press
  3. When the desired IMPRA BOND IBW-630 can be diluted with water 5-10%

To a mixture plamur wall

  1. Mix IMPRA BOND IBW-630 : Calcium Carbonate (Talk) : White Cement in the ratio 1 : 2 : 1
  2. Add water as needed and stir thoroughly until blended
Type Polyvinyl acetate (PVac)
Appearance White
Solid content 28 ± 1%
Spesific gravity 1.03 ± 0.04 gr/cc
Material consumption 100 – 150 g/m2 mixture per coat