ULTRALASTIC UL-920 is a two component waterproofing mortar with resin modified cementitious base. ULTRALASTIC UL-920 is able to perform very well in water submerged structure. Can bridging hair crack on concrete and suitable for interior and exterior.

Advantages :
• Damp resistant
• Exscellent adhesion
• Elastic
• Non toxic
• Suitable for interior and exterior

Packaging : 5 Kg Set dan 25 Kg Set


Product Application Video


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Application Procedures :

  1. Subtrate must be clean from dirt, concrete residue and other contaminant before ULTRALASTIC can be applied.
  2. Add component A powder to component B liquid with ratio by weight 4 : 1 (please do not add water/ other liquid except from the original set). Mix them using adjustable electronic mixer.
  3. Apply the first coat in one direction using brush. After the first coat start to dry, the second coat can be applied in cross direction of the first coat. Apply the third coat if needed.
Type Two component waterproofing cement based
Color Grey
Finish matt
Theoritichal coverage 3 kg/m?2; (1 mm)
Drying time Touch dry 1-2 hours (30º C)
Hard dry 6 hours
Full cure 14 days
Recoating interval 4 hours
Packaging 5 kgset and 25 kgset
Shelf Life 12 month room humidity
Application Method Brush and throwel
Cleaning After use, wash all equipments immedietely with clean water