ULTRAPROOF UPR-960 is a waterproofing and rainproof protective coating formulated with elastomeric water based acrylic polymer. It is very elastic with high elongation (± 600%), UV light resistant and water resistant.

Advantages :
• Waterproofing
• Rainproofing
• Bridging hair cracks
• Fungi resistant
• Heat insulation
• Decorative
• Enviromentally friendly

Packaging : 1 Kg, 4 Kg, and 20Kg

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Application Procedures :


  1. Clean the surface from grease, oil, fungi, dust, and dirt with sandpaper, brush, detergent, etching solution or others
  2. First coat thin ULTRAPROOF with 10% clean water, mix well.
  3. Second and third coat without thinning. For vertical wall, you can add 10% clean water.
  4. Apply first coat and let dry
  5. Apply second coat and third coat in cross direction after 2 hours.
  6. Brush, roll, or airless spray can be used for application.
Type Elastomeric acrylic
Color As shown in the colorcard
Finish Coat Matt
Theoritical Coverage 300 gr/m?2; (100 microns dry film thickness)
Drying Time 60 minutes 30º C
Packaging 1 kg, 4 kg, dan 20kg
Self Life 12 in room temperature
Thinning Ratio by volume 10% clean water
Application Method Brush, roll, and airless spray
Cleaning Wash all equipments immediately with clean water, after use.