SICOSOL is a solvent based silicone solution for natural stone and masonry surfaces. SICOSOL has excellent water beading and water repellent to protect substrates from fungi, moss, algae and dirt without altering its natural color and look.

Advantages :

  • Water repellent
  • Excellent penetration
  • Weather resistant
  • Not altering natural stone coating
  • Fungi and algae resistant

Kemasan : 1 L and 2.5 L

Color Card

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Application Procedures :

  1. Clean the surface from dirt, grease and other contaminants, keep dry
  2. Stir throughly SICOSOL and apply by brush, allow to dry for 2 hours
  3. Apply the second coat of PROPAN AQUA STONE CARE, allow to dry

Type Silicon Solvent Based
Color Transparan
Appearance Natural
Solid by volume 10 ± 2 %
Specific gravity 0.80 ± 0.02
Theoritical coverage 1 m2 – 4 m2 / litre, depend on the absorbency of the substrate
Drying time ± 2 hours (30oC)
Diluent Ready for use