PROPAN STONKOTE is a natural stone coating that made of solvent based acrylic. PROPAN STONKOTE provides a protection to the natural stone and enhance the natural beauty of the stone, both in the exterior and interior.

Available Product :

  • STONKOTE SC – 55 SB Clear Gloss
  • STONKOTE SC – 85 SB Clear Dof
  • STONKOTE SC – 75 SB Black Gloss
  • STONKOTE SC – 76 SB Black Dof
  • STONKOTE Merah Bata Gloss-3354 (new color)
  • STONKOTE Merah Bata Dof-3354D (new color)

Advantages :

  • Make your stone more beautiful (Natural look)
  • Weather resistant (For eksterior & interior)
  • Algae and fungus resistant (Made beautiful stone)
  • Easy to apply (Fast working time)

Packaging : 0.9 L

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Application Procedures :

Surface Preparation
Surface must be dry, clean, free from dirt, dust, mold, oil and all contaminants. Clean any area affected by mold, moss and fungus with FUNGICIDAL WASH.


  1. PROPAN STONKOTE, 2 coats without thinning. Apply by brush to the whole surface, allow to dry.
  2. Recoating interval : minimum 2 hours (depends on temperature and humidity).
Type Acrylic Solvent Based
Solid by volume 30 ± 2 %
Specific gravity 0.92 ± 0.02
Theoritical coverage 6 m2 – 10 m2 / litre
Drying time ± 2 Hours (30oC)