AQUAPRIMTOP APT-90 WB is a water based anti-corrosion coatings with dual function, anti-corrosion primer and top coat that is specially formulated in one package. It is based on water based acrylic with pigment anti corrosion, fast drying, weather resistant, no odor and zero VOC.

Features & Benefit :
• Waterbased but fast dry
• Effective anti corrosion
• Excellent adhesion
• No odor, zero VOC
• Non flammable, save during storage & transport

Packaging : 1 Kg, 2.5 Kg and 20 Kg

Color Card :

5 stars - based on 514 reviews


  1. Clean the substrate from rust, grease, oil and others contaminant. It is recommended to scrub with wire brush to remove rust.
  2. Stir thoroughly AQUAPRIMTOP, apply AQUAPRIMTOP by brush, roll or spray. Thinning with 5 - 10% clean water if needed.
  3. After fully dry, apply the second coat of AQUAPRIMTOP. Recoating interval : minimum 4 hours (30°C).
Type Selected acrylic emulsion
Color As shown in the colorcard
Theoretical Coverage 5 m2 / Kg (2x layer)
Recommended DFT Min. 80 micron (2x layer)
Application Method Brush, roll or spray
Thinner Clean water
Thinning Ratio 5 - 10%
Drying Time Min. 4 hoursd (30°C)
Pass Salt Spray Test > 300 jam