PRIMTOP PT - 88 is a double action anti corrosion paint, both as anti corosion primer and top coat which is specially formulated in one package. PRIMTOP is an innovative product in paint technology, a result of years of research and development in PT PROPAN RAYA's laboratory by highly experienced chemist. With its cost saving advantage, PRIMTOP will replace conventional systems of anti corrosion paint.

Features & Benefit :

  • Practical : Only one paint is needed for two functions, both anti corrosion primer and top coat, and can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer.
  • Effective : As anti corrosion primer, since it contains highly effective anti corrosion pigment.
  • Weather resistant : As top coat, which has good weather resistant and decorative color.
  • Economical : With only one coat (60 microns), it provides a decorative and anti corrosion film.

Packaging : 1 kg, 2.5 kg and 20 kg

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Application Procedures :

  • Clean the surface from rust by sandpaper, wire brush or using rust conventer "ROST-X10". Pretreatment is a very important step to achiene a good result.
  • Application for normal environment, apply one coat (60 microns) by brush, roller or spray.
  • Application for corrosive environment e.g. sea shore or industrial environment, apply two coats (2 x 40 microns) by brush, roller or spray
Working Procedure By Brush By Roller By Sprayer
For 1 coat (60 microns) 5% 10% 30%
For 2 coats (2 x 40 microns)
• 1st coat
• 2nd coat




Type Alkyd resin with special anti corrosion pigment
Color 49 standard colors (as shown in the color card)
Specific gravity 1.00 gr/cc
Theoretical coverage 8.3 m2 / kg (60 mikron)
Solid by volume ± 50 %
Recommended Dry Film Thickness minimum 60 microns
Application Methods Brush, roller or sprayer
Diluent Thinner B
Drying time 6 hours (30°C)
Recoating interval Minimum 12 hours (30°C)
Packaging 1 kg; 2.5 kg and 20 kg