SYNTHETIC 2000 is a multipurpose synthetic enamel, suitable for interior and exterior wood and steel coating. SYNTHETIC 2000 is high gloss enamel with good hiding power and weathering resistance. It's fast drying, easy to apply and has excellent flow, leaving no brush mark.

Features & Benefit :
• Quick dry only in 3 hours
• Excellent flow and leaving no brush mark
• Good hiding power
• Low cost
• Thinning with Thinner B (produced by PT Propan Raya), or another diluent like gasoline or kerosene
• Available in many attractive color

Packaging : 0.9 L and 20 L

Color Card 

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  1. Clean substrate from dirt, grease, rust and other contaminants. For wood : Sand bare wood along the grain using sandpaper No. 180. For steel : Sand bare steel using sandpaper, wire brush or ready for use rust cleaner "ROST-X".
  2. Stir thoroughly Synthetic 2000, add Thinner B according to application tools being used, stir again the paint to get homogeneous result. Apply spread evenly to whole surface and let it dry.
  3. After full drying, follow by second coat.

For optimum result on steel :
Apply 1 coat layer METALKOTE Alkyd Primer Zinc Chromate or Zinc Phosphate as anti corrosion primer before applying Synthetic 2000.

Type Alkyd Enamel
Color 30 standard colors (as shown in the color card)
Specific gravity ± 1.00 gr/cc
Solid by volume ± 50 %
Theoretical coverage ± 12.5 m2 / 1 L (1 layer)
Recommended Dry Film Thickness 2 layers
Application Methods Brush, roll or airless spray
Diluent Thinner B
Thinning ratio 15 % for brush/roll, 30 % for airspray, and 5 % for airless spraygun
Drying time 3 - 4 hours (30°C)
Recoating interval Minimum 12 hours (30°C)
Packaging 0.9 L and 20 L