Ultran Aqua Lasur AEL-505 is an environmentally friendly waterbased lasur for interior and exterior. This product penetrates deeply into the wooden pores that improves the stability of wood dimension. Ultran Aqua Lasur specially designed for tropical climate & formulated to protect wooden part of building from sunlight and rain, such as door, window frame, pergola, gazebo and also garden furniture.

Features & Benefit :
• Natural feel
• Fast Dry
• UV & Weather Resistant
• No brush mark
• Water repellent and Permeable
• Deep Penetrating
• Fungus and Mold resistant

Available Color : Chrysant Yellow, Sunset Red, Twilight Teak, Dark Brown Akasia, Clear Gloss

Packaging : 1 L

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1. Sand along the wood grain with sandpaper number 180. For exterior usage, it is not recommended to not use wood filler as the adhesion of Ultran Aqua Lasur to wood surface will be affected.
2. Apply Ultran Aqua Lasur with a brush and allow 3 – 4 hours to dry. Sand lightly with sandpaper number 400. Repeat this step three times for optimum result.
3. For gloss/dof appearance, apply Ultran Aqua Lasur  clear gloss/dof  for final top coat (3rd coat).

Type Water Based
Specific Gravity 1.02 ± 0.02 g/cc
Solid Content 25 ± 2 % (Color)
25 ± 2 % (Clear Gloss)
26  ± 2 % (Clear Dof)
Coating Amount 5 - 6 m2/lt (for 2x coatings)
3 - 4 m2/lt (for 3x coatings)