Ultran Lasur Laser is the latest innovation of Ultran Lasur series which provide protection against the weather while showing off the natural beauty of the wood grain better than Ultran Lasur Transparent Color. Especially designed for tropical climate, Ultran Lasur Laser is suitable to protect and beautify wood that is exposed to the sunlight and rain in any prestigious projects such as hotels, resorts and luxury homes.
Ultran Lasur Laser is recommended for wood with beautiful grain as it can bring out the natural beauty of  wood grain to the  maximum.

Features & Benefit :
• UV light resistant
• Deep Penetration
• Brighter color
• Odorless
• Excellent transparency
• Excellent flow properties, leaves no brush mark

Available Color : Candy Brown, Red Mahony, Cocoa Brown, Coffee Brown, Walnut Brown, Black

Packaging : 1 L and 5 L

Color Card

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1. Sand the wood surface withh sandpaper no. 180 and make sure surface is free of dust and dirt
2. Apply Ultran Lasur Laser EL-501 LS by brush, wait until it dries out (6 – 8 hours)
3. Before adding another layer for extra protection, make sure to sand lightly with sandpaper no.400
4. Apply at least three coats of Ultran Lasur Laser EL-501 LS for long lasting protection against weather.

Type Solvent Based
Specific Gravity 0.90 ± 0.02 g/cc
Solid Content 33 ± 5 %
Coating Amount 5 - 6 m2/lt (for 2x coatings)
3 - 4 m2/lt (for 3x coatings)