MULTIPURPOSE PU ACRYLIC is high quality two component Acrylic Polyurethane coating designed for interior and exterior finished.  It can be used in wood, metal, concrete, FRP, natural stone, plastic, etc.

Advantages :
• Non Yellowing
• good hiding power
• Hard but flexible
• House – hold chemical resistant.
• Formaldehyde Free
• > 20.000 colors (tinting color)
• Formaldehyde Free
• Imported hardener from Bayer®- Germany with free-isocyanate content less than 0.5%.

Packaging : 1 Liter Set, 5Liter Set and 25Liter Set

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Application Proceures :
  1. Sand substrates with sandpaper no.240. For wood substrate use IMPRA Wood Filler to fill the wood pores before sand
  2. Spray base coat PU Sanding Sealer (PUSS-760-2K) with coating amount 100-120 g/m2. Mixing ratio A:B:Thinner = 4:1:2. Let it dry for 3-4hours. Sand with sandpaper no.400. Apply the same process for second coat.
  3. Spray top coat PU Multipurpose (PUL-765-2K Clear) with coating amount 100-120 g/m2. Mixing ratio A:B:Thinner = 4:1:2. let it dry for overnight.
  4. Top coat available in Clear Gloss, Clear Satin, and Clear Dof.
Type 2 component PU Acrylic Polyol
Colors 2 StandarT Colors & > 20.000 warna (tinting color)
Application Condition 25 – 30 °C, 40 – 60% RH
Theoretical Coverage 4 m?2;/ltr-set by spray at CA = 100g/m?2; (efficiency 40%)
Drying Time 2 – 3 Hours
Thinner Thinner Polyurethane