CERAKOTE CTC – 997 PU HQ is a paint series from CERAKOTE product which is special design for old bathtub.

Advantages :
• High quality 2K Polyurethane Topping
• High build film with excellent appearance
• Non yellowing
• Good flow, brushable
• Easy to apply

Packaging : 1 lt-set

5 stars - based on 150 reviews

Application Procedures :

  1. Clean bathtub to be painted from dirt, crust, fungus and other contaminants, sand thoroughly with sand paper #240 – 400, depend on subtrate condition. For metal bathtub, must be clean the surface from rust then apply anti corrosion paint (zinc chromate/ zinc phosphate).
  2. Mix one set of primer coat (CERAKOTE CTC-980 primer) with mixing ratio by weight com. A : comp. B = 4 : 1. For application using spray gun, add epoxy thinner Polyurethane Thinner (PU) 5 - 10%. stir until homogenous, mix as needed. The mixture will harden in 45-60 minutes.
  3. Apply mixed material with epoxy roller/brush, just a single layer with good spreading and sufficient thickness as needed.
  4. If the existing bathtub still good, just the painting doesnt look shiny, apply directly with CERAKOTE CTC-997 PU HQ.
  5. After base coat (CERAKOTE CTC-980 primer) is dry minimal overnight (12 hours), sand through;y with sand paper #400 and then clean the surface from dirt and other contaminant before apply top coat CERAKOTE CTC-997 PU HQ.
  6. Mixed one set of CERAKOTE CTC-997 PU HQ with mixing ratio by Volume comp. A : comp. B = 2 : 1, add Polyurethane thinner (PU) 10-20%, stir until homogenous.
  7. Apply mixed material using spraygun. For best result using HVLP spray gun (High Volume Low Presure). For the top coat can be applied just a single layer with good spreading and sufficient thickness as needed. Coverage is 3 – 4 m?2;/L-set.
Type Two component aliphatic acrylic polyurethane
Finish Gloss
Material consumption Daya Sebar Teoritis : 3 – 4 m?2;/ltset
Drying time Touch dry 30 minutes
Surface dry 8 hours
Full cure 7 days
Packaging 1 lt-set
Self life 1 year in unopened container
Thinner Thinner PU
Application method Spray HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)
Cleaning After use, wash equipments immedaitely