EPOGREEN EPG-233-2K WB is a two component modified epoxy coating, which has an excellent flow, strong adhesion to concrete and more flexible than solvent base epoxy system. It has excellent UV resistant and non-yellowing character, suitable for interior and exterior uses. Therefore, it can be used also as a top coat for protective coating system on metal / steel substrate (use metal / steel epoxy anti-corrosion primer coat prior to application of EPG-233-2K WB).

Advantages :

  • Water based two component (2K) system
  • as a primer and top coat
  • Strong adhesion to concrete
  • Fast dry
  • Horizontal and vertical application
  • Odorless
  • Interior and exterior application
  • Non yellowing
  • Excellent abrasion resistant
  • Doff finish
  • Easy to clean
  • You can do it by your self, (using brush, roll and spray)

Packaging :

  • 10 kg-set (Epogreen 2 komponen)
  • 40 kg-set (Epogreen 2 komponen)


Color Card :

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Application Procedures :

Gunakan produk EPG-233-2K WB untuk lapisan primer dan top coat dengan mencampurkan komponen A dan komponen B dengan perbandingan berat 1 : 1. Aduk menggunakan mixer.selama 1-2 menit.


Untuk lapisan primer dan top coat :
Tuangkan produk yang sudah dicampur dke lantai dan tarik dengan menggunakan rubber squeegee, lalu ratakan menggunakan rubber roller. Konsumsi material adalah 0,23 kg-set/m2/lapis dengan ketebalan kering 100 miicron untuk masing - masing lapisan primer dan top coat


Tips Finishing Epogreen :
• Pastikan permukaan substrat kering dan bersih dari semua jenis kontaminan
• Sebelum melakukan aplikasi, permukaan substrat harus di grinding terlebih dahulu
• Gunakan roll dan alat aplikasi yang berkualitas baik

Tips :
* Epogreen harus diaplikasikan per lapis dengan ketebalan 100mic

Color Clear, Blue, Beige, Ash Grey, Srikaya, Mint, Grey, Green
Finish Doff
Specific gravity  (mix) 1.17 ± 0.04
Solid by weight (mix) 48% ±0.05%
Packaging 10 kg-set (compA = 5kg, compB = 5kg)
40 kg-set (compA = 20kg, compB = 20kg)
Recommended thickness 2 x 150 mic DFT
Mixing ratio (by weight) Comp A : Comp B = 1 : 1
Pot life 30 minutes (30oC)
Storage stability 24 months if stored cool and dry and in original packaging (not opened)
Flash point Non flammable
Drying time Surface dry  : 2 hours (30°C)
Hard dry : 20 hours (30° C)
Full cure : 7 days   (30° C)
Application tools Epoxy roll, squegee, spiked roll
Thinner Clean water
Thinning ratio 5 – 10%
Re coating interval Minimum 6-8 hours (30°C)
Application temperature Minimum  20°C
Maximum 40°C
Humidity maximum 80 % RH
Material consumption 0.23 kg-set/m2for ±100 microns DFT
• Provide adequate ventilation during application and drying