TENNOKOTE TNK-1000 WA is a special coat for sport court, indoord as well as outdoors, which is made from polymer dispersion, filer and pigment with water dilution. After drying, TENNOKOTE TNK-1000 WA is going to form flexible film layer with a good adhesion on courts which is made of concrete or asphalt

Advantages :
• Waterbased
• No Odor
• Good Adhesion
• UV resistant
• Anti-slip
• Fast dry
• Free mercury/ heavy metal
• Easy to use

Packaging : 5 kg, 22.5 kg (+ quartz sand 10%)

Colors :

  • Standar : White, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Oxide Red, Light Gray, Dark Grey, Black
  • Special : Purple Passion, Razzberry, Orange Clay, Traffic Yellow


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Application Procedures :
1. The surface to be coated must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and loose dirt.
2. Use grinder (abbrasive cleaning) or acid etch (Cleanol-F) for pretreatment concrete surface.
3. Stir TENNOKOTE thoroughly before appliying.
4. Add ±10% clean water (if necessary), in to the mixture for the first coat.
5. Apply 2-3 coats using brush or roller, allow 2 hours interval between coantings.
6. For best result, apply TENNOKOTE in cross direction against the preceding coat is recommended.
7. Protect the wet coat (within 2 hours) from rain, and estreme temperature.
8. Do not apply under direct sunlight exposure or onto very hot surfaces

Type Waterbased acrylic
Color As shown in color card
Finish Doff
theoritical coverage 1.5 – 2.0 m?2; /kg (200 microns / 3 coats included quartz sand)
Drying time Surface dry 10 minute (30° C)
Hard dry 2 hours (30° C)
Ready to use 48 hours
Packaging 5 kg, 22.5 kg (+ quartz sand 10%)
Self life 1 year in unopened containers
Diluent Clean water
Application method Brush and roll
Cleaning After use, wash all equipments immedietely with clean water