DUROGLOSS KLARKOTE is a product of Clear Coat 2 Component based Polyurethane Acrylic with high coating thickness. This product is applied with spray method and suitable for all kinds of substrates such as Metal, Plastic and Wood. The superiority of DUROGLOSS KLARKOTE is to have excellent glow level, resistant to UV (Ultra Violet) and Non Yellowing making it suitable for outdoor use.

Features & Benefit :

  • No need dilution
  • High gloss rate
  • High level of Hardness
  • Fast dry

Packaging : 0.5 Lt/set

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Surface Preparation:
  • Clean the surface of dirt and dust attached
  • Surface sandpaper to be coated Clear Coat

Application Preparation:
  • Mix the A and B compounds first before adding  the thinner
  • If necessary, dilute DUROGLOSS KLARKOTE with PU slow / Medium Dry (PU Grade) thinner with a ratio of 100 : 50 : 10
  • Stir until well blended and ready to spray on the panel

Application Stages:
  • Spray DUROGLOSS KLARKOTE 2-3 layers with a break time of 5 minutes each layer
  • The surface will dry touch after 10 minutes and will harden after 8 hours

Type 2 Pack PU
Appereance Clear Liquid
Drying time Surface dry 10 minutes
Hard dry 8 hours
Packaging 0.5 Lt/set
Thinner Thinner PU Slow / Medium Dry (PU Grade) if needed
Application Method Spray
Substrate Metal, plastic, fiber and wood