DUROGLOSS RUBBING COMPOUND is a fine compound in the form of a paste that cleans dirty, asphalt sparks, oxidation. It is also reliable in removing minor scratches on the surface of the paint as well as polish, remove stains due to bird droppings and acid rain or paint fungus on the surface of the paint.

Advantages :
• The scraping power is so good that it is economical
• Not fast dry and easy to apply
• Less dust produced

Packaging : 0.4 L and 0.9 L

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• The surface to be polished should be clean and dry
• Apply polishing in the shade
• Apply Durogloss Rubbing Compound on the panel using a slightly damp polish pad or soft clean cloth
• Scrape back and forth until the surface is clean
• Clean the rest of the polishing before drying on the surface of the panel
• Finish by wiping using a soft clean cloth

Type 1 Pack Durogloss Rubbing Compound
Appereance Matt
Packaging 0.4 L and 0.9 L
Substrate Metal