PROPAN HIGH FILLER EPOXY is a versatile surfacer coating / Filler 2 component made of Epoxy resin which works to close the pores in the layer of putty because it has a high viscosity level with good build, smooth coating flow so easily sanded, good resistance to rust , and has excellent adhesion.

Adventages :

  • Good sanding ability
  • Good adhesion to substrate and or over the putty
  • Good hiding power
  • Short sanding time

Packaging : 1.3 Kg-set & 26 Kg-set

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Surface preparation

  • The surface to be painted should be clean of dirt, dust, oil, rust, remaining old paint that is still attached and other contaminants
  • Surface sandpaper with grit paper of 800 - 1000 grit

Product  Application Preparation

  • Mix the A and B compounds first before adding the thinner
  • Dilute Propan High Filler Epoxy with thinner ND or HG with 1: 1 ratio
  • Stir until well blended and ready to dispray on the panel
  • Spray Propan High Filler Epoxy 2-3 layers with a break time of 5 minutes each layer

Final stage

  • The surface will dry after 30 minutes
  • For a more optimal protection and a more attractive appearance can be applied Durogloss basecoat with a variety of color choices

Type 2 Pack Epoxy
Color Grey, White, Black
Theoetical Coverage 5-6 m2/lt. at ca 100 g/m (tergantung kondisi permukaan dan teknik aplikasi)
Drying Time Kering Sentuh : 20 - 30 Menit
Kering Sempurna : 100 - 120 Menit (tergantung suhu dan permukaan)
Packaging 1.3 Kg-set & 26 Kg-set
Thinner THNC-2711-ND
Application Method Air Spray
Substrate Metal, Plastics, Fiberglass, Aluminium, Wood
Shelflife 60 Bulan jika disimpan pada tempat yang sejuk dan kering, dan kemasan dalam kondisi tertutup