RUST CLEAN is Cleaning Liquid wich lubricates moving parts such as hinges, wheels, rollers, chains, and gears. It protects against rust and corrosion on items like tools, and sporting equipment. It penetrates to free stuck corroded parts like nuts, bolts, valves and locks. It quickly removes adhesives and corrosion. It displaces moisture to restore water flooded equipment such as engines, spark plugs and power tools.


Advantages :

  • Stops squeaks
  • Drives Out Moistures
  • Cleans and Protects
  • Loosens Rusted Parts
  • Frees Sticky Mechanism


Packaging : 300 ml


Colours : Clear

5 stars - based on 366 reviews

Application Procedures :


  1. Shake the can well
  2. Saturated area to be treated and allow to soak
  3. For best protection, do not  wipe off
Type Lubricants
Appearance Liquid
Color Clear Yellowish
Solid content (NV, w/w) 23 ± 2 %
Viscosity (NK#2, 30ºC) 7 - 8 sec
Specific Gravity 0.805 ± 0.02 g/cc
Flash Point 63ºC
Packing 300 ml / Can
Application condition 25 - 35ºC, 50 - 60% RH
Application method Aerosol Spray ( Ready for Use )
Substrate/ Undercoat -