DECOR LEGANZA UNO PLUS DLU – 465 is a revolutionized decorative paint using Italy technology. It is an acological product made from natural oxide and top quality resin in a water-based system. The extraordinary effects let you fill your room with variety of colour combination with metallic & classic sensation.

Features Benefit :

  • Fill your room with variety of colour combination with asthetic & classic sensation.
  • Replace the function of wallpaper
  • Very wide coverage, theoritical 7 – 9 m2/liter
  • Ultra low odor & VOC & lead and mercury free
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for health

Packaging : 1 Liter

Color Card

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Surface Preparation
The surface must be clean, dry,and free from all contaminants. Make sure moisture content/ dampness of wall ? 16 % measured using protimeter appliance and wall alkalinity ( pH ) 7 – 8 measured using universal pH indicator

Primer Coat
Apply Primer Coat Décor Alkali Resisting Primer AS – 310 (Solvent Based), 1 layer using roll without dilution.

Base Coat Color
Apply Décor LEGANZA Base Coat DLB – 460 White, 1 – 2 layer using roll without dilution.

Finish Coat
Apply Finish Coat Décor LEGANZA UNO DLU – 465 Neutral Coat (tinting color), 1 layer without dilution using Leganza's brush ( Cross X or Arch Strokes )


Type Water Based
Color Texture unique pearlescent finish
Finish Unique like stone-textured
Theoretical coverage 7 - 9  m2/lt ( Depend  on surface condition and application technique)
Drying time Touch dray : 3 hours
Hard dray : 3 days (Depend on temperature and humidity)
Packaging 1  lt
Self Life Two years at ambient temperature in unopened containers
Thinning ratio by volume Ready for use
Application method Brush
Cleaning After use, wash all equipments immedietely with clean water