DECORSAFE Odorless and Anti Bacterial Paint DS – 490 is an environmentally friendly odorless and anti bacterial paint for interior wall and ceiling surfaces that made from special odorless acrylic emulsion (low VOC/Volatile Organic Compound, solvent free, formaldehyde free and ammonia free) with special color pigment and Microban®  anti bacterial. There is no paint odor during and after painting process, also ideal for repainting occupied space, where peoples are sensitive or allergic to paint odor. This product also give extra protection against bacteria such as E. Coli and Staphylococcus aureus as well as mold and fungus. This quality provides good adhesion to the substrate, washable, easy to apply, excellent coverage and hiding power, less spattering, and excellent flow and leveling. It is suitable for painting interior wall and ceiling in hospitals, pharmaceuticals industry, bed rooms, schools, offices, hotels, public spaces, restaurants, food and beverages industries, etc.

Features & Benefit :

  • Decorsafe with Microban give long term protection against bacteria, mould and fungus
  • Decorsafe efectivity with Microban not descend as time goes by and still good even it wash.
  • Decorsafe is safe for human and environment because it doesn't contain heavy metal (lead and mercury) and dangerous chemical substance.
  • Decorsafe with ULoV technology has chemical substance that easy to vapor and low odor.
  • Decorsafe ready to apply in old/painted wall, that condition of the painted wall still good or doesn't get peeled off.
  • Decorsafe made with special formulation that easy to apply by anyone and doesn't spattering.

Packaging : 2,5 Liter

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Apply in old / painted wall

  • If the old paint still in good condition, clean the surface and apply Decorsafe® 1-2 layer without thinning.
  • If the old paint get calcify or peeled off, scrap the layer and clean it.
  • Follow the application step as the application in the new surface.

Apply in new / unpainted wall

  • Apply  Decor Odorless Alkali Resisting Primer AR – 370 WB, 1 layer without thinning.
  • After dry, apply Decorsafe® 1-2 layer without thinning.
  • Recoating interval minimum 2 hours ( 30°C ).


Type Odorless Acrylic Emulsion Paint
Color 30 standard color (as shown in color card)
Specific gravity 1.40
Solid by volume 41%
Theoretical Coverage 13,7 m?2;/lt (30 microns)
Recommended dry film thickness 2 layers, 60 microns (2 x 30 microns)
Application tools Brush / roll, airless spray, airspray
Diluent Ready for use
Thinning ratio -
Drying time Depend on temperature and humidity
Surfacedry: 60 menit (30°C)
Recoating interval Minimum: 2 hours (30°C)
Packaging 2,5 lt