ECOPRO EP - 4012

ECOPRO Acrylic Emulsion Paint is an interior decorative wall paint made from acrylic emulsion and special color pigment. ECOPRO Acrylic Emulsion Paint has good alkaline resistance, has bright colors, and excellent color retention. This product is designed for interior wall and ceiling surfaces such as brick work, cement plaster, concrete, gypsum board, GRC panel, etc.


  • No added leads and mercury
  • Bright colors and excellent color retention
  • Excellent Opacity
  • Easy to apply and fast drying
*Available on 5 kg and 25 kg

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Surface Preparation
Surface must be dry, clean, and free from fungus, dirt, grease, oil, and all contaminants. Clean any area that are affected by mold, moss, and fungus with FUNGICIDAL WASH.

Primer Coat
  1. Plaster Wall / Concrete wall. Eco Emulsion Alkali Resisting Primer EAR – 4001 (Water Based), 1 coat (without thinning), or use Decor Alkali Resisting Primer AS – 310 (Solvent Based), 1 coat (without thinning) for surface with very high alkalinity.
  2. Gypsum Board on Partition and Ceiling Eco Gypsum Primer Special Acrylic Emulsion Primer for Gypsum Board EPG – 4049 (Water Based), 1 coat (without thinning).
Top Coat
ECOPRO Acrylic Emulsion Paint, 2 coats (thinning with 10 - 20 % clean water according to needs).

Recoating Interval : Minimum 2 hours (at temperature of 30° C)