ECOSAFE interior wall paint with anti bacterial agent  EE-4019 is an interior decorative paint made from acrylic emulsion which contains active ingredients that can inhibit the growth of bacteria, germs, and fungus. This product is designed for interior wall and ceiling surfaces including brick work/ cement plaster, concrete, gypsum, GRC panel, wood, plywood, etc.


Features & Benefit :

  • Good adhesion to substrates
  • Easy to Apply
  • Fast Drying
  • Good Hiding Power
  • Available in many beautiful Colors


Packaging : 5 Kg & 25 Kg


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1. Surface Preparation :

  • The surface must be clean, dry, sound, and free from all contaminats. Newly build wall must be dry after 28 days old. Make sure moisture content/ dampness of wall ≤ 16% measured using protimeter appliance and wall alkalinity (pH) 7-8 measured using universal pH indicator.
  • Removed all loose material or defective paint by thorough brushing and scraping using active fibre brush.
  • Treat any areas affected by mould, algae, moss and lichens with PROPAN FUNGISIDAL WASH.
  • Repair defects with suitable filler. Use sand and cement mix for large holes and crack. Allow to dry.
  • It recommended to apply alkali resisting primer before applying this coating.

2. Primer Coating :

  • ECO EMULSION Alkali Resisting Primer EAR-4001 (Water Based), 1 x Coat.

3. Finish Coat :

  • ECOSAFE EE-4019 , 2-3 x Coats .

Product Spesification :


Type Acrylic Copolymer
Color As shown in the color card
Finish Matt
Solid by volume ±37 %
Specific gravity ± 1.50 g/cc
Theoritical Coverage 8-9  m2 / kg / coat
Drying Time Surface dry = 1 hour ( 30 °C )
Packaging 5 Kg & 25 Kg
Storage Stability One year if stored cool and dry in original not opened container (Do not store below freezing point)



Application :


Thinning ratio by Volume 10%  Clean Water
Application tools Brush, Roll, Air Spray or airless spray
Wet Film Thickness 80-110 microns
Dry Film Thickness 30-40 microns
Recoating Interval Minimum 2 hours ( 30 °C ), when the first paint film already dry