FESTIVA FT-7000 is an economical interior decorative paint made from acrylic emulsion  and special color pigment. FESTIVA FT-7000  designed for interior wall and ceiling surfaces including brick work/ cement plaster, concrete, gypsum, GRC Panel, etc.


Features & Benefit :

  • Easy to Apply
  • Has Good Adhesion to Subsrates
  • Good Hiding Power
  • Fast Drying
  • Available in many beautiful colors
  • Smoother than competitors in the same class


Packaging : 4.5 Kg & 18 Kg


5 stars - based on 291 reviews



1. Surface Preparation :

  • The surface must be clean, dry, sound, and free from all contaminats. Newly build wall must be dry after 28 days old. Make sure moisture content/ dampness of wall ≤ 16 % measured using protimeter appliance and wall alkalinity (pH) 7-8 measured using universal pH indicator.
  • Removed all loose material or defective paint by thorough brushing and scraping using active fibre brush.
  • Treat any areas affected by mould, algae, moss and lichens with PROPAN FUNGISIDAL WASH.
  • Repair defects with suitable filler. Use sand and cement mix for large holes and crack. Allow to dry.
  • It recommended to apply alkali resisting primer before applying this coating.


2. Finish Coat :

  • FESTIVA FT-7000 , 2-3 x coats .

Product Spesification :


Type Acrylic Copolymer
Color As shown in the color card
Finish Matt
Solid by volume ±46.5 %
Specific gravity ± 1.68 g/cc
Theoritical Coverage 8-10  m2 / kg / coat
Drying Time Surface dry = 1 hour ( 30 °C )
Packaging 4.5 Kg & 18 Kg
Storage Stability One year if stored cool and dry in original not opened container (Do not store below freezing point)



Application :


Thinning ratio by Volume 10% Clean Water
Application tools Brush, Roll, Air Spray or airless spray
Wet Film Thickness 70-90 microns
Dry Film Thickness 30-40 microns
Recoating Interval Minimum 2 hours ( 30 °C ), when the first paint film already dry