FIBERKOTE FBK-777 WB is a transparent colored paint for fiber cement board, made of special water-based acrylic polymer with special color pigment. This product is suitable to protect and beautify fiber cement boards, both in the exterior and in the interior.

Advantages :

  • Water Based
  • Excellent adhesion on WPC boards
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Good house hold chemical resistance

Packaging : 1 L

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Application Procedures :

Surface Preparation

  1. Check the whole surface that will be coated, seal the screw heads using appropriate cements. Allow to dry, scrub well and wipe out all dusts.
  2. Moisture content of substrate must be ? 16% measured by Protimeter and alkalinity (pH) of substrate must be 7 – 8 measured by universal pH indicator.
  3. Sanding lightly along the grain with sandpaper no. 240 and clean well (optional).
  4. Surface must be dry, clean, free from dirt, dust, mold, oil and all contaminants. Clean any area affected by mold, moss and fungus with FUNGICIDAL WASH.

Primer coat :

  1. FIBERKOTE Penetrating Sealer FPS-820 (Solvent Based). Apply 1 coat by brush, without thinning. Material consumption : ± 200 ml / m?2; (± 5 m?2; / liter).
  2. Allow to dry, minimum 2 hours (depends on temperature and humidity).

Top coat :
FIBERKOTE FBK-888 / FBK-889, thinning with 10% - 20% clean water according to application need. Apply 2 - 3 coats by brush, with recoating interval minimum 2 hours (depends on temperature and humidity).

For applications on the floor / deck :

  1. Apply FIBERKOTE FBK-888, follow the application procedure above. After fully dry at least 24 hours (depends on temperature and humidity), apply PROPAN USE-60 CLEAR GLOSS, 2 coats by brush / spray, with recoating interval minimum 4 hours.
  2. Leave to completely dry for three to five days before usage.
  Mixing ratio
Type Acrylic emulsion
Color As shown in color card
Appearance Dof
Solid by volume 30 ± 2 %
Specific gravity 1.01 ± 0.02
Theoritical coverage 10 m2 / litre
Drying time ± 2 Hours (30oC)
Diluent Clean water
Mixing ratio 10 % Clean water