GLASSKOTE GK - 05 WB is a special acrylic emulsion paint that used to coat concrete roof tile, clay roof tile, asbestos roof, etc. GLASSKOTE has good adhesion to substrates, weather resistant, moss and fungus resistant, waterproof, excellent color retention and good hiding power.

Advantages :

  • Weather resistant
  • Excellent color retention
  • Good adhesion
  • Fast dry

Packaging : 2.5 L and 20 L

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Application Procedures :

Surface Preparation
Surface must be dry, clean, free from dirt, dust, mold, oil and all contaminants. Clean any area affected by mold, moss and fungus with FUNGICIDAL WASH.


  1. GLASSKOTE 05 WB, 2 – 3 coats, thinning with 10 – 20% of clean water according to application needs. Apply by brush or spray gun to the whole roof tile surface, allow to dry
  2. Recoating interval : minimum 2 hours (depends on temperature and humidity)
Type Acrylic emulsion
Color As shown in color card
Appearance Gloss
Solid by volume ± 30 %
Specific gravity ± 1.08
Theoritical coverage 9,3 m2/L (1 x 30 micron)
Drying time ± 2 Hours (30oC)
Diluent Clean water
Mixing ratio 10 % Clean water