SENGKOTE SK-950 WB is a water based anti-corrosion paint for galvanized metal that contains effective anti-corrosion pigment. SENGKOTE could be applied both on new galvanized or rusted galvanized metal.

Features & Benefit :
• Waterbased system
• Contains effective anti-corrosion pigment
• Excellent adhesion
• Prolong lifetime of galvanized metal
• Beautify the galvanized metal roof

Packaging : 1 Kg and 20 Kg

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  1. Clean the substrate from rust, dirt, grease, oil, and other contaminants. It is recommended to scrub with wire brush to remove rust.
  2. Stir thoroughly SENGKOTE, apply SENGKOTE by brush, roll or spray. Thinning with 5 - 15% clean water if needed.
  3. After full dry, follow by second coat. Re-coating interval : minimum 3-4 hours (30°C).
Type Water Based Acrylic 1K Anti Corrosion
Color as shown in the color card
Specific gravity 1.25 ± 0.02 gr/cc
Solid by volume 41 ± 2 %
Material consumption (CA) ± 120 gr/m2
Recommended Dry Film Thickness 2 x 40 microns
Theoretical coverage 6-8 m2 / Kg (40 micron)
Application methods brush, roll or airspray
Thinner Clean water
Thinning ratio 5 - 15%
Drying time Touch Dry : 30 minutes (30°C)
Hard Dry : 4 hours (30°C)
Recoating interval Minimum 3-4 hours (30°C)