TRAFFIKOTE TFK – 108 WB is high quality acrylic 100% road marking paint specially formulated painting lines for road, side walks,parking lots,factory floors,playgrounds,etc.TRAFFIKOTE suitable for floors contructed of concrete, asphalt , bricks,etc. TRAFFIKOTE are durable and abrasion resistant to heavy traffic and weather conditions avoiding frequent reaplication.

Product Features :

  • Extremely durable and weather resistant.
  • Easy to apply for concrete, asphalt and bricks.
  • Minimizes bleeding upon application
  • For high traffic area.
  • Water based.
  • Abrasion resistant & Excellent adhesion.


Packaging : 1 kg,  2.5 kg dan 20 kg


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Application Procedure Road Marking Paint TRAFFIKOTE
1. Clean the surface from fungi, mold, grease and other contaminants. Peel off the old paint to really clean for the old floor that has been painted.
    Make sure the floor surface must be clean and dry before apply.
2. Stir TRAFFIKOTE road marking paint thoroughly before apply.
3. Apply first coat TRAFFIKOTE by roll and brush. For best result, apply second coat with recoating interval 1-2 hours. Coverage is 20 m' / kg
    (10 cm widht, 200 microns thickness).
4. For application by spray, thinning with clean water ± 10%.

Technical Data

Type Acrylic Dispersion Color
Color Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Green
Solid by volume ± 60%
Spesific Grafity 1.5 g/cc
Finish Flat
Theoretical Coverage 20 m' / kg
(10 cm line widht, 200 micron DFT/ coat)
Recommended coating
Spray (1x coat)
Roll, Brush (2x coat)
Thinning/ Reducer/ Clean up Clean Water
Thinning/ Reduction As needed, maximum 10% by volume
Recoating Interval 1 - 2 hours