Propan Warranty


Everyone expects their building to look attractive in terms of building design, including the paint finish that gives the final color to the building. To achieve this is certainly not easy, in addition to the appropriate design, it also needs to be supported by the right color selection, but what is not left behind is the selection of good quality building materials, the right type of paint, accompanied by the correct application process.

There are many risks that can occur during the painting process or after the painting is completed or some time after the painting is finished. Among them are stucco cracks or cement mortar that occur after the painting process is complete and cause the paint layer to crack, in addition to disturbing the beauty of the appearance of the building from the side of the crack, there can also be a change in the color of the paint in the cracked area due to water entering and dissolving the damaging alkaline cement. The color of the paint, as well as the water that enters make the walls damp and penetrate into the inner side of the walls which is sometimes followed by the growth of fungus.

This can be avoided, if from the outset we choose an appropriate paint such as an elastomeric paint such as the product Decorflex , which has the advantage of being weather resistant for at least 12 years, this paint also has elastic properties and flexible, where the elongation coefficient is 200%, so when applied with a dry paint layer thickness of 140 microns (with a spread of about 3 m2/liter, it can cover hair cracks up to 280 microns). This will prevent the cracked cement mortar from causing the paint layer to crack, and rainwater will not seep into the walls. This means that the beauty of the building is maintained, and what is not left behind is that this paint is very environmentally friendly, supported by the Singapore Green Label certificate.

The second problem that often occurs is a sudden change in the color of the paint, either overall or locally (spots), which is caused by damp walls, either because they are new and not yet dry, or due to seepage. on the concrete deck, gutters, balcony and bathroom floors and canopies. The moisture on the walls will dissolve the cement alkali, which will eventually damage the paint color (such as: gray paint has white spots because the black color is damaged, orange has yellow spots because the red color is damaged), if left unchecked, the paint layer continues. also can whitewash.

This can be prevented by waiting for the new walls to dry before painting, waterproofing on the concrete, balcony floors, bathroom floors and walls as well as the canopy is perfectly applied and there is no seepage. It is even better if the primer used is highly alkaline and moisture resistant, such as the base paint product Décor Alkali Resisting Primer AS – 310 (Solvent Based). Application of this base paint evenly over the entire surface of the wall with sufficient thickness will prevent discoloration of the paint finish.

Changes in color can also occur on the exterior paint evenly over the entire surface of the wall after several years, this is due to the influence of UV rays from the sun and rainwater that comes from the front side of the paint which can damage some paint colors, especially from the organic color group. such as reddish purple, pink and several other colors. Therefore, the selection of exterior paint colors that are long-lasting is necessary to support the 12 (twelve) years of color resistance as stated in the warranty.

To avoid mistakes in choosing the exterior paint color, always consult the color with a 12 (twelve) year guarantee when it is chosen, with the Product Consultant from PT Propan Raya who is on duty in shops when buying paint, because it does not all available colors have a 12 (twelve) year warranty.

Another thing that is often a problem with interior painting, both walls and ceilings, is the smell of paint that arises in the form of a spicy and pungent smell which is very annoying, both during the application process, and a few days after the paint dries. To avoid this from happening, choose an anti-bacterial and anti-stain interior paint Decorsafe or an anti-stain paint Decorlotus or a matt interior paint Decorcryl which has used ULov technology (Ultra low odor & low volatile organic compound) which does not cause disturbing odors and is environmentally friendly and has received a Singapore Green Label certificate.