DECOR Alkali Resisting Primer AS – 315 SB

DECOR ALKALI RESISTING PRIMER AS-315 (Solvent Based) is a high quality solvent based acrylic sealer. This product has excellent alkali resistance, penetration and adhesion to substrates which in turn gives better adhesion for top coat layer and easy to apply. DECOR Alkali Resisting Primer AS – 315 (Solvent Based) is suitable for chalky surfaces.


Advantages :

  • To prevent degradation of finish paint from high cement alkalinity attack
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Can improve paint finish adhesion to chalky surface wall or wall putty
  • Sound base for subsequent painting

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Surface preparation

  • Surface must be clean and free from oil and all contaminants.
  • Use mixture of PROCRETE Cement Filler CF - 700, PROCRETE Bonding Agent BDA - 810, and water for repairing the wall cracks and small holes on wall surface, allow to dry

Primer coat

  • If this product will applied on powdery surface like wall putty, must use DECOR Alkali Resisting Primer AS – 315 (Solvent Based), 1 coat, by roller (without thinning) as a primer coat. Recoating time interval minimum 2 hours (if good air circulation and normal humidity condition).


Touch up

  • Check all surface already painted with primer coat, repair the part of defect area with mixture of PROCRETE Cement  Filler and PROCRETE Bonding Agent, allow to dry.
  • Apply primer coat on the top of repaired area, and allow to dry minimum 2 hours.


Finish coat

  • Apply DECORFLEX or DECORSHIELD for exterior wall, and DECORLOTUS or DECORCRYL for interior wall, 2 – 3 x coats as a finish coat; thinning with 1 - 2 parts of clean water to 10 parts of paint. (according to application need).



  DECOR Alkali Resisting Primer AS – 315 SB
Type One component acrylic solvent based
Color Clear
Finish Semi gloss
Solid By Volume ± 30%
Theoritical Coverage ± 20 m2/ liter (1 coat)
Drying time Depend on temperature and humidity
Surface dry = 30 minutes (30oC)
Packaging 2,5 liter and 20 liter
Storage stability One year if stored cool and dry and in original not opened container (Do not store below freezing point)

Thinning rasio by volume
- (ready for use)
Aplication method Brush or roll
Wet Film Thickness 45 micron
Dry Film Thickness 15 micron
Recoating interval Minimum : 1 hour (30oC), when the paint film already dry
Maximum : Indefinite