Propan Dekorindo Raya

The 1st State of The Art Paint Factory

in Indonesia and Asia Pacific.

Hendra Adidarma and Kris Rianto Adidarma, as owners of PT Propan Raya, are very aware that the current global warming issue is increasingly visible and ready to threaten the lives of all of us. A number of evidences related to the dangers of global warming have been seen and felt by all of us, such as the earth’s temperature getting warmer, rising sea levels, extreme weather changes, shifting seasons, unclean air quality, and many more.

Realizing this, Hendra Adidarma and Kris Rianto Adidarma boldly changed the pace of their company’s production towards environmentally friendly paints. To change the direction of business, is not a light and easy job. In addition to requiring large costs, PT Propan Raya also has to redevelop some of its paint product innovations. However, both are ready to take risks and challenges. Whatever the obstacles, innovation must not stop.

The echo of the “Go to Water Based, Save The Planet” campaign was echoed loudly by PT Propan Raya. Through its newest factory which was inaugurated on September 5, 2017, PT Propan Raya made a big breakthrough by giving birth to the latest paint factory that produces water-based environmentally friendly paints. The factory is named Propan Dekorindo Raya (PDR) which is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto Km.9, Tangerang.
The PDR, which is operated with the latest and latest technology machines called the Rapid Production System (RPS) from Germany, is the only technology available in Asia Pacific. With this technology, the entire production process to finished goods will be more environmentally friendly.

The advantages of this RPS technology include very fast production, which is 25 tons per batch within 4 hours, the resulting product is consistent, smoother, stable and flexible, and saves space. Currently, 70% of the water-based environmentally friendly paint products have been issued by PT Propan Raya. Examples of products already on the market are Decor Series wall paint, Decor Leganza, Eco Series, Ceria, Acrylux multi-purpose paint, Aqua Putty, Aqua Lasur, Aqua Stone Care natural stone paint, Impra Aqua Lacquer wood paint ASS-941/AL- 961, Propan Marine, Propan Polymer System, and many more.

Besides being friendly to the environment, this water-based paint has the same quality as thinner-based paint. The paint is easy to dry because it uses the latest polymer emulsion developed by world paint experts, easy to use (just diluted with water), and economical. Given the advantages and disadvantages of water-based paint, it is time for us to switch to water-based paint.

“It is our duty and responsibility to create paint products that are environmentally friendly, of good quality, and in accordance with international standards,” said Hendra Adidarma, who is also the President Director of PT Propan Raya. With this change, hopefully our earth will become more environmentally friendly.

Alkindo Mitra Raya

High Polymer Plant

Present to support Propan Raya while minimizing imports

As the founder of PT Propan Raya, Dr. Hendra Adidarma had an extraordinary thought, that he should create a main raw material company for making paints known as resin. With his knowledge in chemistry, he finally decided to establish a subsidiary that produces paint raw materials called Alkindo Mitra Raya in 1989.

With the presence of Alkindo Mitra Raya, the need for raw materials for making paint is faster and there is no need to wait for the delivery process from abroad. The raw materials it makes can also be developed according to customer needs, so that Propan paint has a unique and distinct characteristic that is different from competitors. On the other hand, the presence of Alkindo Mitra Raya is also in line with what is echoed by the government to suppress or reduce the rate of imports of raw materials, as well as create job opportunities for the people of Indonesia.

Regarding the workers at Alkindo Mitra Raya, it is almost the same as at PT Propan Raya, which is filled with the best Indonesian sons and daughters. Through their hands and equipped with extraordinary directions from the doctor of chemistry, various product innovations are finally created. It should be noted, even though it is made by local children, there is no need to worry about quality problems. Alkindo Mitra Raya has received national and international recognition. This is evidenced by the acceptance of Alkindo Mitra Raya products to foreign countries.

The products it produces are currently not only dwelling on resin. The products it produces are currently not only dwelling on resin. With the production of these materials, of course, further minimizing imports. In fact, both PT Propan Raya and Alkindo Mitra Raya, have echoed “go international”.

Seeing this extraordinary performance, the facilities and technology used at Alkindo Mitra Raya are no joke. Various best technologies from Germany are presented to support the company’s performance. In fact, some of the machines are fully automatic, thus minimizing the occurrence of errors in production. This is certainly very supportive of the company’s performance in developing its business, while maintaining the consistency of its products.

Other facilities at Alkindo Mitra Raya are Reactor, Disperser, Blending Tank & Sieving Machine, Automatic control panel, Auto filling system, and Chilled water plant. Lab and QC facilities owned are 24 hours research lab, Particle size analyzer, DCS, MFFT, FT-Infra Red, GPC, and GC. With these best facilities, Alkindo Mitra Raya is ready to support Propan Raya while minimizing imports.