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Impra Wood Filler

Impra Wood Filler

Tropical wood generally has large enough pores that require high-quality wood filler to be able to fill the wood pores perfectly. IMPRA WOOD FILLER is made from high quality Nitrocellulose (NC) base material so it dries quickly, is easy to sand and has excellent pore filling properties and is not easily removed during the sanding process. The use of IMPRA WOOD FILLER will give the wood a flat and smooth surface ready for finishing.

The range of products from IMPRA WOOD FILLER is as follows:

Impra Wood Filler WF-115 for building wood (frames, doors, windows, etc.).
Available in colors : Borneo, Jati, Kamper, Merbau.

Impra Wood Filler SH-113 for furniture and interior with main function of filling pores.
Available in : Oak, Ramin, Sungkai & Teak

Impra Wood Filler SH-114 for furniture and interior with the main function of filling pores and coloring wood grain.
Available in colors : Blue, Brown KJ, Deep Black, Forest Green, Green, Red, Red Mahony, Grey

Impra Wood Filler WP-117 for furniture and interior with opaque finishing or duco finishing.
Available in colors: Black, Gray & White

Functions & Advantages:

  • Good pore filling properties
  • Quick drying
  • Easy to sand
  • Absorbs woodstain color evenly

Packaging: 1 kg, 5 kg and 30 kg

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